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Her Morning Waltz is the stunning debut album by jazz pianist Hyuna Park.  From the first notes, the listener is drawn into the beautiful world of Park's music.  It is an amazing place, complex at times but always inviting.  It reflects the rich colors of the jazz idiom as well as Park's personal connection with 19th Century classical piano and Korean folk music.

Park has developed her trio into a true extension of her own voice.  The musical ideas flow seamlessly between the band members while the virtuosic quality of Hyuna's playing is always in function with the greater musical purpose.

The result here is a true gem: an exciting and utterly unique recording that will touch listeners across all genres.  

Hyuna Park's music is here. It is strong, and it is being heard by audiences all over the world.


Return is  the long-awaited release now available.  After the success of 2018's self-titled My Darling Light and its follow up If You Listen Closely, the band sought to finally release the album in its entirety after a painstaking production process. This will be followed by yet another new album of songs which is currently in production and soon to be completed with a release date in early 2020.


My Darling Light will be releasing a video short film to coincide with the album's first single and will contain original score by Eric Monroe in addition to the song Last Angry Man

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